Targeted Process & Case Management

Boost your organizations workflow and enhance overall capabilities when you explore our company's process and case management solutions. RSCA in Newark, California, works diligently to explore ways ensure everyone within your business has the resources needed to succeed.
Businesswoman - Process Management

Process Management

Our primary aim in business process design is to assist in building workflows that leverage technology that simplify work and encourage high-quality results. Examples of business processes that we have worked with include:

   •  Invoice Processing
   •  Credit Card Application Processing
   •  Insurance Claim Processing
   •  Retirement System Processes
From working on these processes, we understand the questions to ask beyond the normal business design. We also know how to determine what system integrations are most feasible and cost effective to pursue.

Case Management

Provide your workers and customer-facing employees the tools and information they need when they need it, and watch your customer satisfaction explode! Case management, a more rigorous example of process management, encourages better, more predictable case outcomes. Our services include:

   •  Providing Structured & Unstructured Data from Various Forms
   •  Building the Sophisticated Workflows & Process Controls Required
   •  Enabling Powerful Analytics
   •  Providing Dashboards
   •  Sources & Databases

Global Customer Support

To extend the functionality of your team in ways not previously possible, RSCA developed the Global Customer Support Service (GCSS). Our team of experienced FileNet system engineers provides 24/7 support services and automation-driven active monitoring for FileNet P8® and Panagon® products.

To keep your costs to a minimum, RSCA has developed a centralized model that allows one team to provide support to various clients. This unique model breaks the barriers of geographic locations by leveraging technology to stay in touch with every system.

Contact us today for extensive support and management services designed to help your business streamline productivity.