Reliable Document Imaging & Data Recovery

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your business's vital documents and resources and trust RSCA in Newark, California, for document imaging. In the event of a malfunction, don't panic—call us for thorough data recovery. In addition, explore our mitigation services to maximize your chances of preventing corruption by moving your current system into a new, reliable one.

Content Management

An efficient and easy-to-operate content management system (CMS) is essential in today's digital age. As well as providing a central storage repository, our systems have the ability to automatically version-control documents as they are checked in and out.

Our CMS also converts hundreds of file types to HTML or PDF formats automatically. This allows your staff to share them without having the native file application on their system.

Documents - Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Convert paper documents to digital images and reduce your dependence on paper when you have RSCA assist with your implementation of a document imaging system. With more than 20 years of experience in this area, our knowledge and expertise are truly second to none. Our services include:

   •  Scanning & Capture
   •  Managing Digital Image Process Workflows
   •  Viewing
   •  Sharing
   •  Annotating
   •  Redacting
   •  Governing Retention & Deletion

Migration Services

Migrate your outdated or alternative ECM system to a FileNet P8 Platform®. RSCA is ready and equipped to handle every aspect of the migration for you. Our migration experts have effectively migrated hundreds of systems from Oracle UCM®, Documentum® and FileNet’s old Panagon systems to IBM FileNet P8 Suites®.

Gain complete peace of mind knowing we cover all aspects of the migration process. We understand your content is your company’s greatest asset, which is why we take the greatest pride in offering our greatest asset—our experience and expertise to navigate you through this normally complicated migration maze.

Disaster Recovery

Mitigate your risk for storage device failure or corruption with proven data recovery solutions from our firm. Our procedures will provide you with point-in-time data recovery to minimize downtime and data loss.

The RSCA ECM Team offers proven and expedient data and system recovery solutions for your FileNet system. For more than 20 years, our team has developed extensive data and system recovery knowledge through years of providing operational support.

Contact us today for unmatched content management solutions engineered to exceed your highest expectations.