About RSCA

Since our inception in 1992, RSCA quickly rose as a leading player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) business. Our privately held, owner-managed company remains dedicated to providing business, just like yours, innovative content management solutions you can depend on.

In the early '90s, document imaging was the leading edge of technology. RSCA got its start building workflow automation systems from scratch that included work queues, exception routing, management reporting, and integration to lines-of-business applications.

As BPM tools have improved, RSCA has improved to provide full-business process management that includes behind the scenes automation steps and integration of business rules. Our expertise grew with the industry as we provided additional automation based on productivity improvement studies of work practices.

In 2006, IBM acquired FileNet. That's when RSCA evolved to a pure-play IBM FileNet partner. Now with more than 20 years of extensive FileNet ECM experience, RSCA is a Level One Certified IBM Partner in both Panagon and P8, which is the highest certification possible.

RSCA is one of only 50 out of 1000 partners in North America authorized to provide IBM-sanctioned maintenance support for FileNet software products.

Over the years, RSCA has demonstrated our expertise by successfully completing system installations, enhancements, and upgrades. We believe that our systems support services not only differentiates us from our competitors, but also helps us to design and deploy better solutions.

The RSCA team has extensive experience in the following applicable technologies: 
   •  System Integration – Sharing Information with Line-of-Business Applications
   •  Document Imaging – Scanning Operations with OOTB & Custom Interfaces
   •  Document Management – Unstructured Content from Many Electronic Sources
   •  ICR/OCR – Automated Data Capture from Structured &Unstructured Forms
   •  Records Management – Meeting Your Regulatory, Legal, & Fiduciary Requirements
   •  Business Process Management – Design & Create Workflows
   •  Public Forms Processing – eBusiness & eGov Transactions
   •  Enterprise Deployment – Comprehensive Vision & Guidance
   •  Content Management – Version Control &Information Sharing
   •  Document Migration – Moving Massive Volumes of Documents

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